Friday, 23 March 2018

Need for Speed Payback Game

Need for Speed Payback Game

Another product in the genre of "racing simulators" from the gaming giant "Electronic Arts". After trying to "Shift" split the series into several genres, EA decided to return to the origins. It's time for new street races with modern cars, unexpected dueling and police chases.

The gameplay is well known to everyone with the parts Underground 2 and Most Wanted. We will move freely through the streets of Fortuna Valley. The concept of joining the race has not changed, we find the marked place, we become on it and agree with the conditions. All points are marked on the map, if you are not well-oriented, connect GPS. In addition to standard routes like: circle, sprint, drag and off-road, there are new - criminal tasks.

The process of passing is more like NFS Carbon, only here you do not divide the areas between gangs, but become the leader of the league. In total there are 10 such groupings in the game, each has a number of tasks, as soon as you do everything - meet with the boss. The latter will compel to compete in the category in which he is the best.

The NFS police were clearly transferred from the GTA series. As soon as the chase starts, an indicator of violations appears, the longer the chase lasts, the more angry the cops, which will result in the replenishment of enemy forces with new cars, at the last level it will be very difficult, a helicopter, a "rhino" jeep and much more.

The network part has also undergone changes. Before the beginning of any competition it is necessary to choose a high-speed car and an SUV. The system will select competitors with similar indicators for optimal balance. There is a rating system, which is based on a series of victories and defeats, i.e. one defeat does not greatly damage the reputation, but 3 in a row will drop it to the bottom. For the victory you get in-game money and rare spare parts, which you can get only in the network mode.

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