Friday, 25 May 2018

The correct Website or Blog Analysis

The correct Website or Blog Analysis

Hello everyone, dear friends, today I thought, damn, why most blogs - make so many mistakes, does no one conduct an analysis of your blog, site? In general, no one? When was the last time you actually analyzed the performance of your blog? Just be honest - answer in the comments please.

My question has been brewing for about two weeks, probably. I go, I wander through blogs, comment, talk with the guys. And sometimes just the hair stand on end. It seems to be a neat well-groomed blog. And somewhere the duplicate pages are visible, somewhere on the main link is not closed from indexing.

And on one of the blogs, I generally saw a piece of code in the cap! And nothing, the blog lives, is updated. Tin straight. Do you guys really do not like your blogs? Or you just do not care?

Main outcome measures at site analysis

So, when you have decided on the purpose of your blog, when you have decided on your personal goals - you can start technical analysis.

And here you need to know as many different indicators as possible to make a classy, and most importantly - useful analysis.


Excellent services in which you can not only check the site's trust but you can also see the visibility of your site, i.e. what searches for which positions in which search engine - very convenient.

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