Wednesday, 26 September 2018

RAMS Game - The Royal Battle With Quadrocopters


Another game project in the early access, which has big plans for development, but with a very small set of content. In the process of development, the authors consulted with ... computer neural networks.

The standard competitive arena of the shooter RAMS should not become an intermediate stop in the selection of the numerous royal battles, the authors thought. And that if you create a kind of social shelter, a kind of hub, where new content and characters will concentrate, the developers asked the neural network. The computer gave the answer - mining the currency, fools!

RAMS is a shooter in the genre of "royal battle", with real royal ambitions. The creators plan to give players a shelter, where the arsenal of weapons and extracted loot will be stored, as well as a safe overnight stay. There will also be farms with powerful video cards that will take up the game currency. The proceeds will go to buy equipment and equipment. Asylum can be improved, but now it's just an empty space.

RAMS Game - The Royal Battle With Quadrocopters

In the shelter, players will be able to develop their skills, and even if you do not play the game. It is enough to choose a certain direction, and your avatar will rest and progress in shooting, driving, fighting and physical training. Apparently, this will be good for success in automatic tournaments, where players are waiting for sweaty rinks and a rare loot.

In addition, players will be able to take in the battle a bunch of various gadgets, for example, miniature quadrocopters. They can be improved: put high-resolution cameras and even weapons. This is expected to give the opportunity to control a large game zone in 20x20 kilometers (now 5x5). In the future, the in-game store will be replenished with a line of high-tech gadgets.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Games for Girls and Boys

Games for Girls and Boys

Online games on the internet, you can meet a large number of different games of all genres and themes, especially popular games online. They are played both by children for general development, and adults for a wonderful pastime. Usually they are played through phones and other mobile devices, although there are people who want to relax at the computer. Such games help develop mindfulness, focus on one thing, set goals and develop strategies. The most important thing in this case is to know the measure, then the game will only benefit.

Games for boys Every boy loves adventure topics, and the better the picture is on the other side of the screen, the more time you want to spend playing. Flash games for free are represented by the steepest races, fights, difficult obstacles and most importantly - unforgettable emotions. Boys are waiting for games with heroes, which will very soon become their favorite for them - these are characters from cartoons, fairy tales. Every boy in the soul is a real hero, so if your child wants to save the land, then the game about aliens and zombies is what you need. In addition to such adventures, children can get even more adrenaline: ride a tank, jump from a parachute and even fly on a plane.

Games for girls Contrary to stereotypes, girls like games as well as boys. And most often they play, of course, not in fights and races, but in girlish games devoted to beauty, fashion and adventure. Girls, remember yourself as a child, you probably had a favorite doll that you loved to wear. And now your children can do it online. Also you can find the best games for girls in which they can cook food, do housework (clean houses) and even take care of animals.

Thanks to the game, the girl can learn how to cook many dishes. There is an opinion that playing games is harmful. Yes, it is so, if the child plays in them constantly and does not think about anything else. If he spends only an hour and a half a day for such games, then such pastime will be beneficial. After all, today the children are offered different characters and genres that not only develop imagination, but also make intellectual abilities more pronounced. Allow your children to have a great time, and even better - join them, for a good game you get close and get a lot of new emotions.

The correct Website or Blog Analysis

The correct Website or Blog Analysis

Hello everyone, dear friends, today I thought, damn, why most blogs - make so many mistakes, does no one conduct an analysis of your blog, site? In general, no one? When was the last time you actually analyzed the performance of your blog? Just be honest - answer in the comments please.

My question has been brewing for about two weeks, probably. I go, I wander through blogs, comment, talk with the guys. And sometimes just the hair stand on end. It seems to be a neat well-groomed blog. And somewhere the duplicate pages are visible, somewhere on the main link is not closed from indexing.

And on one of the blogs, I generally saw a piece of code in the cap! And nothing, the blog lives, is updated. Tin straight. Do you guys really do not like your blogs? Or you just do not care?

Main outcome measures at site analysis

So, when you have decided on the purpose of your blog, when you have decided on your personal goals - you can start technical analysis.

And here you need to know as many different indicators as possible to make a classy, and most importantly - useful analysis.


Excellent services in which you can not only check the site's trust but you can also see the visibility of your site, i.e. what searches for which positions in which search engine - very convenient.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Eden Rising: Supremacy - Sandbox Game With Tower Defense Elements

Eden Rising: Supremacy - Sandbox Game With Tower Defense Elements

Eden Rising: Supremacy unites several cooperative genres: it's a sandbox in the open world with elements of survival and strategy. The game will support 8 players in the early access, and after the release - 16 players.

Unfortunately, the list of styles does not have a royal battle, as players will have to fight back together from hordes of dangerous monsters. Players will join tribes (tribe / clan / group / gang / gang / gang ... understand why they did not translate) to explore the world and hunt for any chud, and then build fortifications to protect the base from the waves of monsters.

It immediately becomes clear that this is an old kind co-operative game of the early decade. Remember the times of the HYIP around Orcs Must Die! 2, Minecraft and Dungeon Defenders? Then it seemed that every day announced a new construction survival with turrets and advanced construction. It's hard to remember those who lived up to the release, like Sanctum. And we can not count the closed ones.

Today there are no big players left in the genre. Here is the cooperative mode of Fortnite, here is the cooperative mode in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. And all? Was the genre dead?

Crowds of developers Eden Rising: Supremacy do not think so. They decided to refresh several Friv genres at once, collecting their best elements in one game. The players united in the tribe will need to defend the Crucibles, some high-tech ancient sanctuaries, from the Osada of the incoming local creatures.

The most interesting thing is that the power of each siege will be known to players in advance, and they can start it manually. That is, you can spend a very long time exploring the alien world with a friendly computer company, gathering resources, puzzle games and only then get up to defend your base for a reward from Tigl. A sort of MMO system for pumping and going to instances.

Eden Rising: Supremacy

But! in Eden Rising: Supremacy will not be pumping, experience, skills, classes and other familiar elements of the role-playing game. Each member will choose his role with the help of the created equipment. Need a tank? Look for him for heavy armor drawings! From this it follows that a strong and cohesive tribe can use a variety of tactics, flexibly adjusting to game situations, and not require someone to create a twinte of the right class.

Each trab will have its own server, which is supported by the developers at the request of the host player. This means that you can go to your lovingly tuned server at any time and with any number of tribesmen, and not by the principle "the host woke up and started."

In addition, the authors of the game promise to regularly entertain players with a variety of in-game events. It is not yet clear what they will be, but some will definitely be close to the standard siege.

Eden Rising: Supremacy goes into early access in May 2018, and a full release is scheduled for the end of the year. The creators of the game promise to create a channel in the Discord for feedback to the players.

Promised by the authors of a few possibilities of MMO for friends look very tasty (building a fortress, hunting, gathering, crafting), but the trailer can not be said so. And what's all this for? When players are organized into teams, they want to compete with other teams, and not sit in the dead end of an endless pharmacy.

What are Minecraft 1.6.2 Mods?

Minecraft 1.6.2 Mods

Minecraft allows users to play each other on the network with the help of special software. Typically, this is a bunch of servers with a developed launcher. Most users are still confused about what plug-ins are, and what are the mods. In this article I'll tell you about their differences, and also give examples of mods for Minecraft 1.6.2. We now proceed to describe the material. Plug-ins are installed on the server, and do not introduce any visual changes to the game. That is, you still see all the blocks, there are no new mobs, there is no additional weapons or furniture. Plugins allow you to add only new commands that activate any actions.

Mods have a different orientation. Each mod introduces fundamental changes in the game. For example, new blocks, new types of weapons can be added, the appearance of chat, textures, and all graphics in general can be changed. In general, each mod adds some new items to the game. At this point in time for the minecraft game developed a large number of different mods, each of which is aimed at a certain audience of players. Let's say one mod modifies combat and adds new weapons. It is more suitable for those players who love pvp on the server.


There is also a mod that adds many different blocks for the construction of factories, power stations, mills. It is called Industrial Craft. In it, players can craft a new kind of armor, sword, build houses from additional blocks. It is also possible to paint blocks with rollers, maps and much more. In fact, this fashion should be told in detail, so that members at least somehow get into the essence of the topic. However, you can read about this in other articles on our website. Let's continue further. As I said earlier, I'll tell you about some of the mods that can be added to the Minecraft game.

For example, there is a Flans Mod mod, which adds military equipment to the game. These are different planes, tanks, cars, armored cars, a full set of weapons, cartridges, guns and much more. This mod is a complete list of weapons and military equipment needed for a comfortable game. After all, many of us are used to the fact that minecraft is a good construction simulator, where each player only builds, develops. But in fact it would be desirable and to war, to rebuild bases, to recruit a team of proven staunch fighters. For this, and develop similar fashion for pinterest. To date, the number of mods exceeds the mark of 10 000. The users have developed even more plug-ins. Any information on the modifications can be found on the website in the relevant sections.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

WordPress: How to set up and translate the site into HTTPS

How to set up and translate the site into HTTPS

Since my blog is designed for beginners, the question arose: tell me in detail about what HTTP and HTTPS are, what is an SSL certificate and why is it all needed?

I decided that this article will be focused on technical details, and I recommend to read the theory in the Google blog. The simplest to understand, without unnecessary complicated terminology and with simple examples, is the article What is the HTTPS protocol, and how it protects you on the Internet.

So, modern realities are such that any site sooner or later must switch to secure data transmission. First of all, this is important for sites where information is exchanged between the site owner and the user, all Internet shops, sites where there is user registration with the transfer of personal data fall under this category of sites.

To translate a site to HTTPS, you need to get a special SSL certificate. Certificates are different. There are three main types.

  • DV-Domain Validation is the simplest entry-level certificate, confirms only the domain name. Suitable for simple sites, for example, blogs, small commercial sites without registration and data exchange, where there is no exchange of personal information between the site visitor and the server on which the site is located. Such a certificate is issued automatically within a few minutes. These are the cheapest certificates.
  • OV - Organization Validation - the certificate confirms that the domain and organization belong to one legal entity. Before issuing such a certificate, the CA checks the actual existence of the organization that requested the certificate. It is necessary to provide not only the necessary information on your legal entity, but also to answer a phone call from the certification center. The cost depends on the center where the certificate was obtained.
  • EV - Extendet Validation - the certificate with the expanded check, such certificates the most difficult in reception, are obligatory for banks and payment systems.
So, for individuals and simple sites, DV SSL certificates are suitable. At the same time, the good news is that such a certificate can be obtained absolutely free of charge. At the moment I know three certification centers, where you can get an SSL certificate for free:

Let's Encrypt

But do not rush to get a certificate yourself. Go to your control panel on the hosting, look carefully, it may well be that your provider provides the service of automatically receiving a free certificate with all the necessary settings.

If your hosting does not automatically provide such a service, then you will have to obtain an SSL certificate yourself, and then write to the hosting support service, which will assist in installing the certificate on the site.

With this option, you can choose any of the free certificates, and follow the instructions on the website of the certification center.

So, half the job is done. Before we proceed directly to the settings of WordPress, you need to prepare, because it's a working site, not a new one.

Preparing the site for transfer to HTTPS

Of course, I was worried when I first made all the settings for the transition. But nothing difficult in the transfer there. The main thing, as always, is to prepare beforehand and strictly follow the stages of transfer. Personally, I got them 7.

At the time of the transition to https I had a version of WordPress 4.4.4. Problems that I would not have been prepared for was not. Everything went in the normal mode.

Before you start any work, you should know:
  1. How to back up and restore the site. Be able to do it quickly without fuss.
  2. Install plugins.
  3. Be able to make changes to theme files.

Backup site

First of all, I recommend making a backup through the hosting panel, because in my opinion, quickly restore the site from the control panel hosting the easiest. If something goes wrong, the site is restored by pressing a button. But additionally you can not protect yourself. You must save the database and files of your theme. You can use special plug-ins, for example, BackUpWordPress.

Changing Image URLs

All addresses to images are stored in the database. So we made her backup. To make changes to the MySQL database, you can use the special Better Search Replace plugin. The plugin is installed in the Tools section. We go into the settings of the plugin.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Angry Birds Rio: 10 Million Downloads in 10 Days

Angry Birds Rio

Last month, Rovio Mobile released another game about angry birds - Angry Birds Rio 2. It is designed to support the animated film Rio, which will be rolled out this month.

Through Twitter, representatives of Rovio Mobile unveiled the first record of the toy - 10 million downloads in the first 10 days. Currently, it is available for iOS devices and devices on Android. In 10 million are both paid game versions, and free.

Currently, Angry Birds Rio 2 offers 60 levels. Exit additional is scheduled for May, July, October and November. I must say that even the original Angry Birds, released in 2009, still receives regular updates. The total number of downloads of the first version of the game exceeds 100 million. And there are Angry Birds Seasons.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Cabinet Coupe

Cabinet Coupe

In this article, we will talk about the design of the closet and how there are ways to interior design of such cabinets
  • Cabinet case, interior. The cabinet case has two sidewalls, a rear wall, a roof and a bottom. It can be moved, collected in another apartment or room.
  •  Built-in wardrobe, interior. The built-in closet can use floor, ceiling and walls as external elements (depending on the location). This closet can never be moved or moved to another place.
  • The false panel is a decorative plate that is designed to hide voids, increase the height of the cabinet, instead of the side panels. As a rule, it is similar in color and texture to the finish of the cabinet doors.
  • Coupe doors, interior. The door is assembled from two horizontal and two vertical profiles. Fastening of profiles is carried out by means of rollers or special fasteners. The door of the wardrobe moves along the lower and upper guide rails. On the door itself set the upper and lower rollers, which move along the rails. To fill the door can be used a wide variety of materials - the interior of the coupe allows for this application of laminated MDF, chipboard, glass, mirrors, bamboo, rattan, plastic.
  • Coupe systems. They are divided into steel and aluminum. Under the steel system is meant stainless steel - the material from which the guides (rails), profiles (door frame-coupes) etc. are made. In aluminum, the same compartment system, all of the above elements are made of aluminum (thin-walled extruded profile). The stiffness and overall strength of the door leaf with the aluminum system result in a much higher level than the doors of the economy class.
  • Profile of the coupe system, interior. Vertical profile (door frame-coupe) performs the function of the handle when closing and opening the doors. One of the main differences of the coupe systems from one another is the shape of the profile. There are profiles or from anodised aluminum in the color "matte silver", "matte gold", "old bronze" or lined with wood with a special film.

Stylish Interiors - Golden Ceilings

Stylish Interiors - Golden Ceilings

The concept of a stylish interior design includes not only expensive furniture, beautiful curtains, luxurious chandeliers and decorative ornaments. Initially, it is necessary to create a foundation - to provide high-quality interior decoration. When creating stylish interiors, the main condition is the use of good durable materials, which will allow you to look even more impressive with accessories and furnishings.

The modern market for building and finishing materials is replete with a variety of floor and wall coverings that allow designers to implement the most unusual and interesting projects. When planning a stylish interior, no less important role is given to the design of the ceiling, because without it, even with the best parquet and expensive wallpaper, the room can not look really refined.

To date, the material for finishing ceilings can be chosen from a very wide range - from wallpaper and paint products to entire structures, consisting of a suspended frame and a variety of decorative panels. When creating stylish interiors, metal ceilings are widely used - they have high functionality, strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. Made of steel or aluminum and having a protective and decorative coating, they are used in a variety of facilities, including open-type facilities (verandas, summer cafes, etc.).

Decorative characteristics of false ceilings

Suspended ceilings along with high performance properties have remarkable decorative characteristics, especially models that have the effect of metallic luster. If the pastel shades panels are more suitable for the design of quiet classical interiors, the ceilings with gold coating allow to create a real palace luxury practically in any room.

Golden ceilings are an additional opportunity to create stylish interiors at home, in the office or in another room, attracting the attention of guests. For example, the owners of one of the hotels in China decided to place on the ceiling gold bars in the form of two hearts. As a result, not only the occupancy of hotel rooms has increased, but it has become considered as another tourist attraction.

Of course, it is not necessary to repeat the reception of the hotel owners - it is possible to achieve the same effect with less expensive means. The question of creating a spectacular ceiling finish in a stylish interior can be solved through rack and cassette suspended ceilings with bimetallic golden coating. The golden spraying effect is created by the method of chemical polishing of the bimetallic coating applied on the aluminum substrate. Products treated in this way do not burn out in the sun, they retain an attractive appearance for a long time, without requiring treatment with special compounds.

Golden Ceilings

Gamma of golden shades of ceilings

In the process of implementing the project of a stylish interior design of the desired effect allows you to achieve a rich range of golden shades of ceilings. Brilliant bright golden ceilings perfectly reflect the light, as well as the furnishings in the room, which allows you to visually increase the height of the room. With the help of matte cassettes and panels, more attention is paid to the color scheme, while emphasizing the warm colors of the finish. For interiors in the palace style, the most relevant are cassettes that have the effect of aged gold.

To create a beautiful golden ceiling in your stylish interior, you can use several types of decorative panels. Golden cassettes and slats in the interior are perfectly combined with red, black, blue, white, ennobling and complementing the design of the room. If necessary, any element of your stylish false ceiling can be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

Friday, 23 March 2018

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online

On June 5, The Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to enjoy the new chapter of the popular role-playing game, heading to Summerset Island, where they are waiting for the secrets of jewelry craft. From March 22 to 27, everyone can freely try the basic version of the game.

Big and beautiful Summerset Isle has always been closed to foreigners, but recently published encouraging Queen Eyrenn order, which gives access to the island to all buyers of a new chapter. However, this is not just done - the homeland of high elves is threatened by a daedric conspiracy, and players will have to reveal terrible secrets, otherwise the danger will threaten all of Tamriel!