Monday, 12 March 2018

Katy Perry taught an unfamiliar guy to kiss in American Idol TV Show

Katy Perry taught an unfamiliar guy to kiss in American Idol TV Show

In the video talent show, an unusual incident happened, during which the popular singer Katy Perry decided to teach a completely unfamiliar 19-year-old guy to kiss right in front of the camera, which made the young man extremely embarrassed.

It is reported that the incident occurred during one of the live TV show talent "American Idol". 19-year-old musician Benjamin Glaze took to the stage, and began to talk about himself before the start of his musical number. Soon it turned out that the guy had never kissed a girl. Then Katy Perry suggested that Glaze come up, and when he did that, he kissed him right in front of the camera.

The embarrassed guy approaches the table of jury members, and the singer invites him to kiss her on the cheek. Ben does this, while other members of the jury shoot what is happening on their cameras. However, Katy Perry claims that she did not even hear a smacking sound, and asks him to repeat it. But this time the singer turns sharply to the young guy, and kisses him on the lips. From such a surprise, the guy even fell to the floor.

Katy Perry in American Idol TV Show

After such an event, the guy even asked how much Katy Perry liked the kiss, but the celebrity did not respond. According to the source, before he started his musical number, the guy even asked the judges for water to cope with his excitement.

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