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Stylish Interiors - Golden Ceilings

Stylish Interiors - Golden Ceilings

The concept of a stylish interior design includes not only expensive furniture, beautiful curtains, luxurious chandeliers and decorative ornaments. Initially, it is necessary to create a foundation - to provide high-quality interior decoration. When creating stylish interiors, the main condition is the use of good durable materials, which will allow you to look even more impressive with accessories and furnishings.

The modern market for building and finishing materials is replete with a variety of floor and wall coverings that allow designers to implement the most unusual and interesting projects. When planning a stylish interior, no less important role is given to the design of the ceiling, because without it, even with the best parquet and expensive wallpaper, the room can not look really refined.

To date, the material for finishing ceilings can be chosen from a very wide range - from wallpaper and paint products to entire structures, consisting of a suspended frame and a variety of decorative panels. When creating stylish interiors, metal ceilings are widely used - they have high functionality, strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. Made of steel or aluminum and having a protective and decorative coating, they are used in a variety of facilities, including open-type facilities (verandas, summer cafes, etc.).

Decorative characteristics of false ceilings

Suspended ceilings along with high performance properties have remarkable decorative characteristics, especially models that have the effect of metallic luster. If the pastel shades panels are more suitable for the design of quiet classical interiors, the ceilings with gold coating allow to create a real palace luxury practically in any room.

Golden ceilings are an additional opportunity to create stylish interiors at home, in the office or in another room, attracting the attention of guests. For example, the owners of one of the hotels in China decided to place on the ceiling gold bars in the form of two hearts. As a result, not only the occupancy of hotel rooms has increased, but it has become considered as another tourist attraction.

Of course, it is not necessary to repeat the reception of the hotel owners - it is possible to achieve the same effect with less expensive means. The question of creating a spectacular ceiling finish in a stylish interior can be solved through rack and cassette suspended ceilings with bimetallic golden coating. The golden spraying effect is created by the method of chemical polishing of the bimetallic coating applied on the aluminum substrate. Products treated in this way do not burn out in the sun, they retain an attractive appearance for a long time, without requiring treatment with special compounds.

Golden Ceilings

Gamma of golden shades of ceilings

In the process of implementing the project of a stylish interior design of the desired effect allows you to achieve a rich range of golden shades of ceilings. Brilliant bright golden ceilings perfectly reflect the light, as well as the furnishings in the room, which allows you to visually increase the height of the room. With the help of matte cassettes and panels, more attention is paid to the color scheme, while emphasizing the warm colors of the finish. For interiors in the palace style, the most relevant are cassettes that have the effect of aged gold.

To create a beautiful golden ceiling in your stylish interior, you can use several types of decorative panels. Golden cassettes and slats in the interior are perfectly combined with red, black, blue, white, ennobling and complementing the design of the room. If necessary, any element of your stylish false ceiling can be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

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